1. About Noora Saffron?
  2. What is saffron?
  3. How many grades of saffron are there?
  4. Why saffron is so expensive?
  5. What are the Health benefits of saffron?
  6. How to choose Saffron?
  7. How we can use saffron?
  8. How to preserve Saffron?
  9. Where is your saffron from?
  10. Where do you produce your products?
  11. What are the products categories you have?
  12. Is your products are natural?
  13. Why Noora Saffron?
  1. About Noora Saffron?
    Noora Saffron is a luxury food brand from Kuwait.
    Noora logo shows an Arab lady in traditional modern outlook that reflects our deep roots in Kuwait and the region.

  1. What is saffron?
    Saffron is a spice obtained from the filaments of the flower of Crocus Sativus.
    Commonly saffron flower is in purple colour with three red filaments.

  1. How many grades of saffron are there?
    Saffron grades are Negin, Sargol, Poshal Bunch and White saffron.

  1. Why saffron is so expensive?
    It takes 70,000 crocus flowers to produce one pound of saffron filaments. One acre will yield only ten pounds of saffron.
    Saffron have many therapeutic applications in many traditional medicines since long time as
    Anti-Spasmodic, Carminative, Diaphoretic, Antioxidant and Cytotoxic effect on Cancer Cells.

  1. What are the Health benefits of saffron?

  • Rich in Antioxidants
  • Useful in treatment of Depression
  • Digestion Improver
  • Anti-Cramping
  • Useful for heart and Blood Pressure diseases
  • Supports the Human Immune system
  • Relieves and prevents growth of cancer cells
  • Lowers Cholesterol levels
  • Useful for infections
  • Improves Memory
  • Protects from Alzheimer
  • Saffron contains vitamins (B1) – (B2)
  • Improves Sexual Dysfunction
  1. How to choose Saffron?
    High quality saffron filaments will appear in red colour; the redder, the better.
    There should be no colour variation, saffron filaments will give light yellow colour in water. The saffron filaments shall float on the surface of water. It should smell sweet with a floral -type aroma.

  1. How we can use saffron?
    Saffron is used in cooking, can be added to Soup, Rice Dishes, Seafood, Sweets, Rock candy, Honey, Vinegar or can be boiled and taken as a Tea. Saffron can be added to Coffee. It is also used in medicine for fighting cancer cell and improves sexual dysfunction etc.

  1. How to preserve Saffron?
    Saffron should be stored in an airtight container and kept away from moisture and bright light.

  1. Where is your saffron from?
    Our saffron is sourced from sustainable farms using highest sustainable plantation farms who are the worldwide lobby for saffron.
    Our Saffron is from sustainable plantation farm who are the worldwide lobby for saffron

  1. Where do you produce your products?
    Our products are Made In Kuwait.

  1. What are the products categories you have?

  • Saffron Filaments, Negin, Sargol, Poshal, Poshal Bunch and Saffron Spray

  • 18 types of Natural Flavour Tea

  • 9 types of Natural Flavour Sugar Cubes

  • 10 types of Sugar Rock Candy Sticks

  • Olive Oil spray

  • Honey

  • Rose water

  1. Are your products are natural?
    Yes all our products are natural.

  1. Why Noora Saffron?

  • ISO 22000:2005 Certified

  • HACCP certified

  • All products are 100% Natural and 100% Pure.

  • All products are 100% free from any artificial additives

  • Selected, Sorted, and Packed in the best hygienic practices.

  • Provides excellent customer service

  • Premium award-winning saffron in luxury packaging